DV-8250 DVI over Cat 5 cable balun system (transmitter and receiver)

Price: £25.50

5 or more £23.25

DV-8250 DVI Over Single Cat 5 Cable System This compact DVI extender takes the DVI signal from source such as computer or blu ray player and converts it allowing transmission over low cost flexible cat 5 cable. The small receiver unit then converts back to DVI signal for plugging into display or projector. Unit comprises two baluns which clearly marked as transmitter or receiver and is a passive unit requiring no power supply. The unit can be used up to 15M for 1080P resolution, 20M for 1080i. HDCP 1.1 compliant and supports hot plugging. The unit has smart video display which automatically optimises based on resolution of the output.

Pricing (each): 1+ £25.50 5+ £23.25 price (total): 1+ £25.50 5+ £69.75

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