SP202 HDMI 1:2 Splitter Amplifier

Price: £31.00

3 or more £27.00

Splitters and Distribution Amplifiers HDMI 1:2 Splitter Amplifier The SP202 is a low cost 1:2 HDMI splitter amplifier taking one source and sending identical signal to 2 displays. It is effective up to 15 metres from the display using good quality cabling. Supports HDTV up to 1080P. This is a passive unit and requires no power supply. The price of £31.00 shown is for a pack of 1. Also available in packs of 3. This also shows the additional cost in brackets.

Price (each): 1+ £31.00 3+ £27.00 Price (total): 1+ £31.00 3+ £81.00

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