Right Angled TINI QG Mini XLR Cable Connectors by Switchcraft

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Newly introduced right angled TINI QG cable connectors featuring high quality construction along with very compact size.

Product is manufactured from high quality thermoplastic and nickel plated brass which is silver plated as standard with gold plated contacts as an option. 

Product features innovative chuck style cable strain relief and handle that can be rotated through 360 degree.Maximum cable diameter as standard is 3.8mm but larger cable entry

up to 5.3mm available as option.Available in 3-6 pole versions in both male and female,will intermate with all tini QG panel and cable connectors. 

Contact rating is 4A for 34 and 5 pin, 1.5 amp for 6 pin version. 

Applications include: Portable Audio and video devices. Wireless belt packs,Communication Devices,Industrial Process Controls, Medical Equipment.  

Switchcraft Part numbers as below:

                  FEMALE                  MALE

3 Pin          TARA3FX                TARA3MX  

4 Pin          TARA4FX                TARA4MX

5 Pin          TARA5FX                TARA5MX

6 Pin          TARA6FX                TARA6FX

Add suffix "L" for larger cable option up to 5.3mm diameter.

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