XL-3670 Impedance Matching Transformer 3 Pin XLR Male/BNC Switchcraft Part Number 367

Price: £15.25

5 or more £18.45
10 or more £17.55
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Switchcraft Inline impedance matching transformer. These transformers are used to convert 110 Ohm AES/EBU digital audio signals to 75 Ohm signals and 75 Ohm Signals to 110 Ohm.This allows for long distance transmission of AES/EBU digital audio over 75 Ohm coaxial lines.Also suitable for AES digital audio signals to high definition broadcast quality video patchbays for secure and lossless patching product is housed in rugged XLR barrel and has 3 pin Male XLR at one end and BNC socket at the other. See part no :XL-3660 for female XLR version. Switchcraft part no: 367.


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