MVP32K1UHD Switchcraft Ultra Videopatch to Ultra HD 8K

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New videopatchbay by Switchcraft designed to handle video resolutions to 8K, this product has been designed to handel extremely high frequencies and the MVP32K1UHD

is an industry first.This innovative new  Mid size 2 x 32 video patchbay is borne out of Switchcrafts 70 year history to deliver performance never seen before in a video patchbay.

Features as follows:

1RU 2 x 32 UHD Video patchbay

Low return loss

75 Ohm characteristic impedance for the broadcast industry

SD/SDI/HD/SDI,UHD/SDI,HDR,4K and 8K compliant

Preconfigured with alternating short and long rear panel single video jacks

Rear panel cable support bar

Exceeds SMPTE ST2081-1 and SMPTE  2082-1 standards

All metal construction in anodized bright blue pewter

Two label strips for insert designation

Non normalled and non terminated. Use with looping and single or dual terminating plugs

Seperate single and dual terminating plugs along with looping plugs, UHD patch cords and precision BNC connectors are available to complete the range.

Please contact us for further details. 


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