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Ian Hartnall
Managing Director

Managing Director and the holder of all information. Having been in the electronics industry since 1982 and is a mine of knowledge.

Ian started Action Hardware Ltd in 1989 and has built the business to become a name in the components industry for sourcing and specialising in supplying to the OEM market and now to Installers and for Industrial applications.

Ian is a stickler for finding quality and sometimes unusual parts and, like everyone who works with him, is determined that our customers are our priority. Service is his one number one mantra.

Hard working Ian might be, but he loves his hobbies and enjoys fishing and attempting to play his guitar. Gardening takes up a lot of time and his allotment is second to none... Also, along with Judy, he loves their French cottage in the Loir Valley where all holidays are spent, mowing the grass, tree felling with a very dangerous chain saw (and other boys toys), general relaxing and of course tasting some of the local wines!

Judy Hartnall
Company Director

Judy, Ian's wife, has been working in the company for many years in one role or another and for the past few years, has been assisting Ian with the day to day running of the company. Judy always said that one job she would never do is accounts work, but has made a good effort to do this for years. Judy will attempt any job and has become very adept at switching from role to role to suit most situations from working in the Warehouse to any kind of paperwork or making the tea, she knows her place!

Like Ian, Judy is passionate about their French home and is always planning their next project. Not always with Ian's approval. But sometimes she wins and takes pride in letting everyone know it was 'her idea'. The installation of a swimming pool is going to be her biggest conquest in the future. Working on the allotment is a lovely pastime which Judy finds very rewarding and mostly, her favourite job is the harvesting and cooking.

Hannah Walters
Account Manager

Yet another family member. Hannah is now a Mum with two boys. She too has worked for the company for a long time and like everyone is as determined to keep the excellent service and quality that the company is known for.

Hannah originally was in charge of the warehouse but her role has changed and she is now running the administration of the website along with management training to gain as much knowledge of the running of Action Hardware.

Hannah has a fantastic ability at organisation and is happy to 'have a go' at anything, sometimes she will even make the tea!!!

Her busy life with the children keeps her occupied for several days of the week, but when she is in the office she is switched off as a Mum and becomes Action Hardware's look to the future with idea's and schemes to move forward. It is difficult not to listen to Hannah she is a force to be reckoned with and has a loud voice...

Denise Hartnall
Sales & Purchasing

Another family member, Denise has worked with Action Hardware for a very long time and like everyone is able to cover many aspects of the business.

Denise is the Warehouse manager and makes sure all runs smoothly there. She is very organised and thankfully knows the warehouse inside out and is very scary should somebody put something in the wrong place. The wrath of Denise is famous. Like everyone Denise is very adaptable and will attempt most jobs.

The countryside is Denise's favourite pastime and she belongs to two walking clubs. What a way to see places you didn't know existed, she claims that walking in a carpet of Bluebells in the spring is a special experience. She has had holidays in Europe walking and can't wait for the next one.

Louise Hartnall

Yes, another of the Hartnall family. This is a truly family run business.

Louise is our 'gofer' at the moment, and will attempt any job with a fresh and cheery 'ok'. Her input is valuable in the running of the company, yes she has some gritty jobs, but these are the important tasks that she takes pride in completing. All the best people started with the 'nitty gritty'.

She is our music guru with a huge knowledge of artists and songs from way back to now. She belongs to a local dance group and really enjoys the weekly classes.