Conxall Connectors for Harsh Environments

Conxall Corporation were founded in 1971 to produce waterproof rugged connectors for the marine environment. Since that time they have developed a comprehensive range

of circular connectors for harsh environments. In 1999 they were acquired by Switchcraft and since then have developed a huge range of comprehensive ciruclar connectors for

Marine, Medical, Military, Industrial and Processs Control Industries. Conxall can provide any solution for your harsh environment connectvity problems.  The available range includes:

EN2 Weathertite Sub Miniature 13mm o/d  diameter circular connectors 2-7 contacts IP68 Rated

EN3 Weathertite Miniature 18mm o/d circular connectors 2-18 contacts IP68 Rated, includes right angled and vertical PCB versions.

Micro-Con-X 2-7 13mm O/D Contacts IP67 Rated 

Mini Con 18mm O/D and Shielded Versions 19mm O/D 2-8 contacts

Multi Con X 22mm O/D 2-9 ContactsIP67 rated,   Shielded Multi-Con-X 25mm O/D 2-12 Contacts

Maxi-Con-X 29mm O/D 7,10,18 & 20  Contacts 23 Amp Rated IP67 Rated when mated. 

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