6425 1U Switchcraft Studiopatch Patch Bay

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This Switchcraft 1U audio patchbay comprises 64 x 4.4mm bantam jack sockets giving 32 channels that have the unique Swithcraft feature that allow for channel swithing

The TTEZNORM feature for simple front panel screw driver adjustment of jack channel full normals,half normal and no normal  These prewired patch panels are designed for direct connection to Digidesign ProTools, 192 I/O system interfaces and similar products wired to the Tascam DTRS convention.

A new additional, no cost extra feature is switchable grounds on each channel, this useful feature can be achieved by removing the top cover and adjust the channel switch at the rear .

The internal wiring is with 110 Ohm type cable and terminated at the rear with either 25 way D sub sockets or Cannon DL connectors (on 48 channel model) on rear of the unit. Part No Switchcraft: 6425

Also available are the following Switchcraft Cabling Products for use with these patch panels.

These include the following: Single and Dual TT 4.4mm Jack Plug Patching Cables.See "TT" range DB 25 Series Breakout cable assemblies using Switchcraft Jack and XLR connectors along with High Quality AMP DB 25 way D connectors.Belden 110 Ohm balanced cabling for analogue and digital audio connectors.

4 breakout cable options are available.


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