EH-2010 1U Blank Patch Panel 16 Port Cutout. Switchcraft Part Number QGPK1B

Price: £64.00

5 or more £62.00
Download Description: click to download pdf

Rugged Anodised 1U Height/19 inch width unpopulated patch panel with 16 port cut outs and steel cable tie bar, manufactured by Switchcraft. The blank panel enables the installer to configure connections and customise the panel to the specific requirements of the install. The unified cutout will allow any of our EH range of connectors to be fitted. This includes XLR, BNC Phono,SVHS,RJ45 etc. To view the complete available range see our Audio & Video Patch Panel Section. Also available in 2 U patch panel with 32 Ports.

Switchcraft Part No: QGPK1B


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