WP-1650 Raised Double Size Plastic Wallplate with 4 D cutouts.

Price: £15.48

5 or more £14.75

High quality Raised Plastic Double Size Wall Plate with 4 industry standard ""D"" ( XLR) cutouts. This allows the installer a huge range of connectors that are now available to fit. They include XLR,SVGA & RJ45 amongst many others, please see our EH series of data connectors for the possible options. The price of £15.48 shown is for 1pce. They are also available in packs of 5. Choose from the quantity drop down box below. This also shows the additional cost in brackets.

Price (each): 1+ £15.48 5+ £14.75 price (total): 1+ £15.48 5+ £73.75

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