WP-1750 Double Size Brushed Steel Universal Wallplate

Price: £43.00

3 or more £40.95

High quality rugged universal wallplate, flat type with brushed steel finish. Ideal for use in public places, schools, hotels, conferance centres as well as hi-end residential use. This wallplate offers wide connectivity and engraving with the following connectors. SVGA with rear socket and terminal blocks for easy connection HDMI with 5 Metre Flying lead with inline socket Phono Socket Through Couplers High Quality Gold Plated Phono Sockets for stereo audio and composite video. 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket coupler For connection to PC Audio. Price (each): 1+ £43.00 3+ £40.95 price (total): 1+ £43.00 3+ £122.85

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