WP-1751 Double Size Brushed Steel Universal Wallplate .

Price: £47.85

3 or more £45.50

High quality rugged universal wallplate, flat type with brushed steel finish. Ideal for use in public schools, hotels, conferance centres as well as hi-end residential use. This wallplate offers wide connectivity and engraving with the following connectors. 2 xSVGA with rear socket and terminal blocks for easy connection 1x USB ""B"" Skt to USB ""A"" 150mm length pigtail cable 3 x Phono Socket Through Couplers High Quality Gold Plated Phono Sockets for stereo audio and composite video. 3.5mm Stereo Jack Socket coupler For connection to PC Audio. Price (each): 1+ £47.85 3+ £45.50 price (total): 1+ £47.85 3+ £136.50

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