WP-3010: Chrome finish 5.1 Wall Plate

Price: £47.25

5 or more £45.00

High Quality 5.1 audio wall plate offering a professional method of terminating a 5.1 surround system for connectivity to an AV receiver/multichannel audio system. The wallplate is double UK size. The front of the plate comprises 5 pairs of gold plated binding posts to which connection can be made by banana plugs or bare end conductors, along with line level phono socket for sub connection. The binding posts have a screw connection, for simple cable connection by the installer. The wallplate is manufactured in steel with a chrome steel effect. Other finsihes are also available. The price of £47.25 shown is for 1. They are also available in packs of 5. Choose from the quantity drop down box below. This also shows the additional cost in brackets.

Price (each): 1+ £47.25 5+ £45.00 price (total): 1+ £47.25 5+ £225.00

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