Potentiometers and Encoders to customer specification.

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We are able to supply a wide range of potentiometers and encoders to our customers specifications.We work with several manufacturers in the Far East including Soundwelll, Postec and Hong Tai all of whom supply quality products at competitive prices and fast delivery time.

We can supply carbon tracked rotary potentiometers in 9, 11,12,14, 16 and 24mm diameter sizes, chassis, PCB mount and snap in versions.

They are available with both die cast and insulated type shafts and detented and non-detented travel

Also available are motorised versions in 16mm packages.

Slider pots are also available in a wide variety of travel options from 20-100mm both in mono and stereo options and with either die cast or insualted shafts.

Incremental encoders are available in a wide range of sizes from 12,14,16 and 17.5mm, with switch options, die cast or insualted shafts.

Please contact us for furhter details, including samples pricing and delivery information.




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