1625TT 8 Channel Studiopatch Module

Price: £172.00
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The 1625 is the newest addition to Switchcraft of TT patchbay products. Its modular design provides audio engineers with a premium quality TT patchbay that can be used as an individual 8 channel patch module, or mounted (up to 5 across) into a 1.5RU rack tray.

~~Eazynorm technology enables signal flow to be changed from the front of each channel using a standard screwdriver, and programmable ground lift switches are easily accessed by removing the rear panel.

Each module connects to your gear using two DB25 connectors wired to the TASCAM DTRS pin out.

Versatility: Use as an individual 8 channel patch module, or mount up to 5 into a 1.5RU rack tray as your studio expands. Functionality: Premium TT jacks with EZ Norm technoloty, programmable grounds and DB25 I/O.

Value: Pay only for the channels you need without sacrificing quality.

`For  the optional rack please see part number 1625RACK.

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