35HDS, 35HDLS Switchcraft 3.5mm Stereo Jack Plugs, Sealed to IP68

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Newly introduced are a professional range of 3.5mm Stereo jack plugs sealed to IP68 standard both from front to back protecting cable from ingress of water . Product features rugged cover and intergral flex relief to protect cables from tight bends.They are available in both locking and non locking versions and with nickel or gold plated contacts. 3 cable O/D ranges are available 0.125-0.150 inch, 0.150-0.175 inch and 0.175-0.21inch.

Specifications: 5,000 cycles minimum, Current carry 4 Amp, Operating temp:20-85 degree, Body Tip & Ring:Copper Alloy,Insulation Thermoplastic,

Cable Clamp Steel with Tin Plate, Tubular Insulator: Mylar

This range of plugs are to special order only. Please contact us for further information including samples price and delivery information.



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