JP-64188 1/4" heavy duty Jack Plug. Switchcraft part number 188

Price: £5.75

10 or more £5.25
25 or more £4.90
50 or more £4.62
100 or more £4.40
Download Description: click to download pdf

Switchcrafts Mono heavy duty 1/4" Jack plug is designed for use in demanding applications such as on stage audio events and medical medical application.


Large curved tip solder terminal makes it earier to solder to heavy gauge wires

Longer sleeve terminal allows more room to make sleeve solder connections.

Extra-large cable clampsecurely grips cable of up tp 450" in diameter

Bendable tab on sleeve terminal makes termination easier by holding down cable while soldering. In addition, such mechanical retention makes for a superior solder connection.

Will handle up to 15 A. rms (mazimum)


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