RP-2725: Alps High Grade 20K AX2 (Dual Gang) Potentiometer Blue Velvet

Price: £17.50

Blue Velvet 27mm Dual Gang Rotary Potentiomenter manufactured by ALPs. This is a high end product and is used by Hifi and Pro-Audio users the world over. Product offers smooth operation and very close tolerance gang-error and resistance taper. Metallised Plastic film ensures quiet operation with long life. Value is 20 Log making part suitable as a volume control in a wide variety of uses. RAPCB Mounting. ALPS 27mm Pot Specifications. Rotational Angle 300 deg. Rotation Life 15,000 cycles Shaft Size is 6mm diameter plain round type 25mm in length. Mounting Bush M8 Resistance Value 20K Log Resistance Tolerance +- 20% Insertion Loss 0.1dB Maximum. Gang error -60dB to 0db within 3dB Power rating: 50mW Max voltage:30VAC ALPS PART NO: RK27 series .

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